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Yoni Egg

yoni love


Yoni is a Sanskrit word for vagina. It translates as “sacred space” ♥
Cultivating the sexual energy through Yoni Egg practices is cultivating a sense of feeling alive and radiant. The Yoni Crystal Egg is worn in the yoni to enhance awareness and physical sensation as well as helping with releasing tension. This practice is beneficial in so many ways for us women. The internal massage from the egg restores and increases sensitivity in the yoni. It awakens and increases our sexual energy and ability to access more orgasmic pleasure. It also regulates our hormones, strengthens the pelvic floor and stimulates reflexology points within the vagina that can help with releasing trauma and tension.
The yoni egg practice is based on an ancient Taoist tradition that is around 2000 years old, and was developed by three female advisors of the Yellow Emperor. The Chinese royal dynasty used this practice to cultivate sexual energy, improve longevity and reproductive health.
☽ During this workshop you will: ☽ 
• Learn about and experience the ancient Taoist Yoni Egg practice.
• Learn micro cosmic orbit breathing to circulate your sexual life force energy.
• Get to know and explore the different reflexology zones in your Yoni.
• Make your breasts more sensitive and full of life though different variations of breast massage.
• Get to know the feminine anatomy of arousal.
• Start cultivating a loving connection with your Yoni and hence with your Power!
• Explore your feminine essence.
• Connect with your own sacredness.

Sön 18/10

☽ Prices: ☽

Workshop & Jade Yoni Egg
Workshop (already have a Yoni Egg)

Du bokar genom att trycka på knappen och skicka ditt namn och mobilnummer till oss. Skriv "Yoni Egg Workshop" i ämnesraden. Glöm inte att nämna om du behöver ett yoniägg eller om du redan har ett, då priset varierar.
Vi skickar en betallänk och när betalningen är genomförd får du din bokningsbekräftelse <3


☽ Yoni Egg

If you don’t have a yoni egg already you can buy this together with the workshop. I recommend starting with a Jade Egg. Either book the workshop together with a high quality Nephrite Jade Egg (1600kr) from or workshop only (750kr).
Energetics of the Nephrite Jade Egg
Beauty, purity, grace and good fortune. Jade is a powerful cleansing stone 
that radiates protection, trust, love and harmony. This mineral was used 
in traditional Jade Egg taoist practices. This mineral can help you
  • Access a sense of calm and well-being
  • Transmute negative energy into positive energy
  • Open and heal your heart chakra
  • Enjoy emotional and balance and stability
  • Experience a nurturing sense of support

space holder

Cinna Brahme

My name is Cinna, yoga teacher, designer, green beauty creatrix and yoni practice facilitator. I am also the Flow of She. For many years I was living a life very disconnected to my own flow and feminine way. I looked down at my softness and sensitivity as weakness and tried to keep up with the way of living, promoted by society, as a structured, striving and goal oriented being. This way of living left me feeling drained of energy and frustrated. I came to the turning point in 2016 when I quit my corporate job and I slowly began my feminine healing journey, my journey back to me.
I started to see my feminine essence and I started to see and feel how beautiful and soft I am in my essence. I understood that I am not weak at all, I have a superpower which is my sensitivity. I am a sensitive, emotional, loving highly feminine woman! That spring I fell in love with myself, it was beautiful and so empowering. I felt amazing. People told me I was glowing. The feminine is all about the flow of love in her life, being magnetic and receptive, relaxed, and leaning back. She is trusting life to guide her.
From this place I felt my yoga practice would also have to change. The masculine/yang way didn’t appeal to me anymore. I even couldn’t stand this way of practicing. I longed for the Flow of She in her soft, wild and free, allowing, intuitive and all inclusive twists and turns. When I found Yoni yoga and Shakti yoga it was like coming home. In the same way as I can loose myself in dancing, I can loose myself here, going out of the mind and into the wisdom of the body moving, letting the feminine life force energy, shakti, flow freely.
I cannot end this story without mentioning the sexual awakening that the yoni practices has brought me. This was not my intention from the start, and I had no idea what was coming. My wish was simply to fully heal and explore the feminine within and find feminine practices for myself. However I see how this goes hand in hand. To fully start owning ones sexuality that is to more fully own ones sexual essence wether it’s feminine or masculine. It is also to start living life more fully, accessing more pleasure and becoming more empowered as a feminine being.
Today I live in Stockholm, Sweden and I am proud to offer yoni yoga classes and workshops to support women to reconnect with their sexuality and femininity. I also have found my way back to working with design in a conscious way, I work with projects, companies and people that do good for others and the world.