Viscose is a semi-natural fiber that is extracted from different trees. The quality of fibers differ but we only work with high quality threads. Viscose like many other fiber threads made from natural sources have a tendency to pill when exposed to friction. Therefore don’t wear shoulder straps that will rub against the fiber. We recommend that you treat this as a luxurious garment that needs care and gentleness. Instead of washing it, hang it on a hanger outside and let the air freshen it up. Use a steamer to kill bacteria and to straighten out wrinkles. If needed, use a dry cleaner for removing stains. Viscose is not the best material when it comes to sustainability but the research and development of better ways of developing environmentally safe materials are always ongoing and we will move towards 100% ecological safe threads as we grow. As for now we are buying blankets from Rinku, our friend in Jaipur; but the longterm goal is to have our own weaving machine so we can buy and dye threads in the safest way possible. If you wish to make a more eco-friendly choice we have modal, silk & cashmere products. 


Delicate and warm. Wearing cashmere feels like pure luxury but this fabric requires special care and attention to keep it looking beautiful.

Dry cleaning is recommended. 


Modal is 50% more resistant too shrinkage than cotton and tends to pill less as a result of the strength of the longer fibers and lower friction on the surface. While most viscose fabrics shrinks and becomes misshapen in water, modal maintains high durability and strength when wet. Even if  modal is washable in machines we know that the lesser times you wash a garment the longer its lifetime will be. Also washing less is better for the environment. We again encourage steamer for killing bacteria and keeping the garment fresh. Hanging it, letting the air blow through it will also help. Take care of all your things to the best of your ability and give each creation a long life – this will benefit the world and your wallet. 

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