Sacred Yoni Weekend


Sacred Yoni Weekend

Dear woman, welcome to treat yourself with an early Christmas gift to yourself or together with a girlfriend. This invitation is for you that long to slow down, go deeper and reconnect to the womb power within you. The focus of this workshop weekend is to offer you a sacred container to explore your relationship to your body and femininity in a mystical and raw way. Allow yourself to be guided by your wombs flow and how you can access healing, pleasure and vitality by discover new ways to be in touch with yourself and your yoni.

During this weekend you will be inspired and learn how to support your vagina naturally with different herb/flower blends & other healing remedies. You will be guided how to create a sacred space and ritual for yourself and your yoni, and how you can infused her with different herb blends to access healing, balance & grounding. Yoni Sauna, also known as yoni steam, is a self-care healing ritual for women’s vaginal health. An ancient wisdom that has been shared by deeply devoted sisters for thousands of years. 

To participate in a yoni sauna ritual together is one of the most sacred thing we women can do to heal & rise the collective vibration together.

19 nov + 20 nov
Saturday kl.15:00-17:30
Sunday kl.14:00-16:30
750sek/day or buy both for 1250:- (regular price 1500:-)

Du bokar genom att trycka på knappen och skicka ditt namn och mobilnummer till oss. Skriv "Sacred Yoni Weekend" i ämnesraden. Vi skickar en betallänk och när betalningen är genomförd får du din bokningsbekräftelse <3

"To participate in a yoni sauna ritual together is one of the most sacred thing we women can do to heal & rise the collective vibration together"

other benefits of yoni sauna:

• Strengthen contact with the incredible power centers that our womb has.

• Reducing menstrual-related problems such as PMS, pain, swelling, fatigue, etc.

• Moon cycle can be stabilized if it has been irregular

• Relieves menopausal symptoms like dryness, joint pain etc.

• Cure fungal disorders and reduce the occurrence of cysts

• Faster healing after pregnancy and childbirth

• Strengthen the reproductive system and libido

• Releasing heavy emotions stored in the vagina & uterus


Claudia Wildera

Claudia Wildera is a modern mystic & holisitc heath guide. Her dharma is to inspire others of how to embody & nurture oneself in a more natural & meaningful way. She has 8 years experience of studying holistic health and practicing different healing arts & alternative schools. And has a natural intuitive ability to guide others on their sensual, health & spiritual paths.