Iris Florentina

Brahmaki’s signature kimono is the ultimate blend between comfy, cosy and beauty – it is also reversible! A stunning piece of clothing, designed in Stockholm, Sweden and handmade with love in Jaipur, India. This kimono is made from a big MODAL blanket so you can imagine how good it feels to wear. We hope you will love it as much as we do.

Iris Florentina has one luxurious silvergrey side, and another side that is best described as tumeric yellow.

*we do our best to present the actual color of the kimono but keep in mind that reflection of light and editing might sometimes changes the color slightly. Much love!

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11 Benefits to Using and Wearing Modal Fabric:

Modal is considered a luxury textile and is often used to blend with other fabrics to give a high-end feel with its lightness and softness. It has become very popular among eco-conscious fashion designers.

– Soft. Modal l has an incredible soft touch, and is often used for bed sheets,pajamas and undergarments.
– Breathable. Modal is great for sports clothing and everyday clothes because the fabric’s weave is very breathable.
– Water absorbent. Modal is 50% more absorbent than cotton; micropores inside the fabric absorb any water or sweat they come into contact with.
– Durable. Modal is very strong because of the tight weave and the long fibers and is therefore used for garments and housewares that receive regular use.
– Drapes well. Similar to rayon and other silk alternatives, modal has a beautiful drape that makes it ideal for clothing and decoration.
– Eco-friendly. Modal is made from regenerative plants and there are fewer chemicals used in the production process than with other types of rayon.
– Doesn’t pill. The fabric resists pilling and has a smooth finish that makes it ideal for everyday wear and use.
– Color fast. The fabric absorbs dye in warm water and does not bleed dye during the laundering process.
– Doesn’t shrink. Unlike most forms of rayon, modal is much less likely to shrink in the wash.
– Biodegradable. Modal is completely biodegradable.
– Doesn’t crease. Modal resists wrinkles and will stay smooth with minimal ironing.

Modal Care Guide: How Do You Care for Modal Clothes?

Modal can be washed in the washing machine and tumble dried. However, be sure to check the item’s washing instructions, as a modal blend (with textiles like cotton and spandex) might have different requirements.
– Wash in cold water. Pure modal can be washed in any water temperature, though cold water is ideal. Dry cleaning is not necessary, unlike most rayons.
– Use oxygen-based bleach. Chlorine bleach can weaken the fabric, so it should be avoided in the washing process.
– Dry on low to medium heat. Make sure you take your items out of the dryer right away—or even when a little bit damp—to avoid wrinkling. Hang up immediately.

What Is the Difference Between Modal and Viscose?

Modal is what’s called a “high wet modulus rayon,” which means it’s a type of rayon that’s stronger when wet and doesn’t lose its shape, which is not true for viscose.
The production process for modal is almost exactly the same as that for viscose, but the fibers used in modal undergo more processing which makes the final product stronger, lighter, and more breathable.
Modal is more environmentally friendly than viscose because lower concentrations of sodium hydroxide are used to make it.


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Material & Color

  • 100% Modal
  • Color can differ slightly from pictures
  • Since every piece is made by hand and cut out from a blanket, patterns can appear somewhat different from pictures. The variations in the weave and color of the cloth are not to be considered flaws, but add to the character and uniqueness of the finished garment.


  • Modal is a strong semi-natural fiber that will last for a long time if treated well
  • Recommended wash in low temperature, but higher will also work but might shrink the fabric
  • Tumble dry on low heat (usually there wont be any need for ironing)
  • If using an iron put it on midlevel heat or low heat
  • Always use a hanger. Preferably one in cedar wood or velvet
  • A steamer is a great investment for your wardrobe

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